Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Moonshine.  No, not the kind you drink, but a place you can visit. The Moonshine Store in Illinois, 6017 E 300th Rd, Martinsville, Illinois 62442 to be exact. 

Last Friday I traveled the 80 miles to experience for myself what the fuss was about with these "moon burgers" that I have heard about for several years. So, I packed up the husband and one adult son and we set out to find this burger enigma. 

The first three quarters of the trip was on main highways and for a short distance a four lane, then things changed.   We turned the vehicle off the familiar roads and onto county roads.  We would travel for a mile or two one directions, then 3-5 miles another direction, then another turn a stop a turn and then, behold, there it was!  I say "it" because that was all it was--a building in the middle of nowhere. 

Reminiscent of the grocery store buildings of days gone by.  Steps lead up to a railing lined porch with the entry door in the center.  A pitched roof with two windows looking down from the second floor. 

As my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit interior, I could see a long bench, similar to a church pew lining the left side of the one room store.  All the way to the back of the store was a tall counter, reminding me of the old butcher shops.  That was where we were directed to place our order.  

Single, double, bacon, plain, cheese, BBQ--we could have our moon burger any way we pleased.  Traditional condiments were on a table in the middle of the room.   We paid for our food, drink and chips--cause that's all you can get at Moonshine Store--burgers, a drink and potato chips.   You can have them early in the day, but only until 12:30 p.m.--Central Time. 

We took our burgers outside and chose, from the sea of picnic tables,  one to sit on and enjoy our meal.  The weather was perfect, not to hot, a breeze, sunny.....a lovely Spring day.

Shortly after we began eating two more cars filled with people pulled in for a bite. Then, a motor cycle rider, a tour bus full of tourists, and, believe it or not.........two hungry men arrived by helicopter!!   Wow, it seemed we arrived just in time to beat the lunch crowd. 

Oh, memorabilia, did I mention memorabilia?   Lining the walls top to bottom and front to back, was "old" stuff--way to much to describe, you just have to go there and see for yourself.   I wouldn't want to spoil it for you!  You can even buy a moonshine tee shirt.  I didn't--I think I thought about it, but after eating, I just forgot.  

Soon, our tummy's were satisfied and we ready to head back home. If you have nothing to do some day, check out Moonshine Store on the web--then take a drive and enjoy a burger--they are BIG and they are GOOD!!  I know--no picture of our burgers--we were hungry and were scarfing them down before I remembered to snap a picture--Sorry.  So, now you'll have to go just to see if I'm telling the truth. 

Oh, yes, and no experience would be complete without a visit to the "facilities".  (P.S. never fear--they have more modern "outhouses" for guests to use.)


Saturday, May 16, 2015


Barns are a piece of Americana that is slowing fading from the landscape.  Barns made of wood in the traditional style of the last century are most often being replaced by modern designs and made of metal siding.  

Enjoy these barns--they will be gone before you know it.